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Hedra News    March 2017

How often do any of us find that our life is out of kilter?  We get overly focused on bills, our job, end of school year events, relationships, life changes, etc.  When we focus heavily on one area of life, to the point of disregard for other areas, we can get seriously out of balance.  This imbalance can manifest in all sorts of health, relationship and/or life issues.  It is when we restore the balance that life seems to "flow" again and we feel balanced.

 An area many of us overlook as needing balance is our spirituality.  When we think about our spiritual balance we tend to immediately think "Am I giving my spiritual life enough time and attention?"  That's not a bad thing - to step back periodically and examine where we are in or out of balance in mind, body, or spirit.  But how often do we take it to the next step and reflect on whether our divine (sacred) feminine is in balance with our divine (sacred) masculine?  When we have our feminine and masculine in balance, life - in all areas - flows much more harmoniously. 

 From the beginning of civilization, humankind recognized the necessity to honor and maintain the Sacred Feminine (Mother Goddess) as well as the Sacred Masculine (Father God).  Earliest civilizations have art and artifacts that depict their relationship with the Divine Feminine.  It can be found all around the world.  In conjunction with their honoring the Sacred Feminine, they were innately aware of the need to balance the feminine and masculine through our life force.  This life force has taken on a variety of symbolisms in different cultures.  One example most people are familiar with is the Yin-Yang symbol.  It perfectly illustrates the need to balance both feminine and masculine.  Another common symbol for life force was the serpent or snake (kundalini).  The serpent symbol which best demonstrates the balance between feminine and masculine is one we see everywhere - the caduceus.

 The caduceus shows two serpents intertwined around a staff - the symbol used by our present-day medical system.  Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, is said to have given this symbol and knowledge to Hippocrates, who became know as the modern father of medicine.  Looking at the caduceus gives us an insight into just how important the balancing of feminine and masculine is to overall health and wellness.  The caduceus symbolizes the balance of male - the left brain (logic)/right side of body and sympathetic nervous system (flight/flight) - with the feminine - the right brain (creative) /left side of body and parasympathetic nervous system (sex/sate).  The serpents are wrapped around a staff symbolizing the spine/Tree of Life.  It has been inherent in our understanding of well-being, from ancient times, that balance between masculine and feminine is necessary to promote a balanced life.

 Most of us can find some balance in mind and body, but we often struggle to find, or are even unaware of, a needed balance spiritually.  One reason we find it hard to recognize the Sacred Feminine is that for over 3,000 years the male religious leaders have worked very hard at making most organized religions a patriarchy and totally suppressing any notion of Sacred or Divine Feminine.  The closest we get to this in modern religions are the Marys - Mary, mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  I know most people will say "but Mary (either one) wasn't divine!"  Well that's not entirely true as each of us is divine, as well as human, as we are all made in the image and likeness of our Creator and carry that divine within each of us.  The only other image we have in modern mainstream religions of the "divine feminine" is perhaps in the Holy Spirit - often symbolized by a dove or life-giver.  Both of these symbols are carried over from very ancient peoples who symbolized wisdom, life and feminine as a dove or bird.

 To have wellness and balance we need to look at each of the areas - mind, body, spirit - to take a personal inventory.  Look at where you are out of balance and work on that area.  The majority will find that where they need to focus most is with their feminine aspect of spirituality - at least if you're in one of the Judeo-Christian or Islamic religions.  It's time to embrace this divine goddess aspect - this Sacred Feminine - and bring it back into balance.  Look within your deepest soul and you will feel and know of what I refer to.  She is there - waiting to be called upon - the loving, nurturing, creative, essence within every creature and part of creation.  Seek her out - she is ready to be found.  Celebrate the Sacred Feminine - she's all around us - waiting to embrace you like the loving mother that she is. 

 An excellent resource to learn more about this is Return of the Divine Sophia: Healing the Earth through the Lost Wisdom Teachings of Jesus, Isis, and Mary Magdalene by Tricia McCannon.

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