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DISCLAIMER:  Practitioners at Gifts of the Ages Healing do not diagnose illnesses or prescribe treatments.  All participation is at client's discretion and own risk. Seek medical advise for diagnosis and/or treatment for known illness and in any emergency situation.



Our services can be as simple as providing you with a prayer/blessing to use yourself, providing a script and materials needed list so that you can conduct the rite/ritual yourself (or with your group), to as elaborate as planning and running a full week-long retreat for up to 100 people.  The possibilities are limitless and the examples above are just that, examples - this is not an all-inclusive list - it just gives you an idea of the types of events we can assist you with.

The cost for services depends on your needs.  The first call to set up an in-depth consultation, is of course, free.  Depending on what the event is and what your needs are, the rate will be quoted during the consultation.  Following the consultation, if it is a large or detailed event, a written quote will be provided.   Travel outside of a 50-mile radius from our location will be added to the fees.  Each call is different, each event is unique, each package is tailored and priced to meet your needs and work with your budget.  Fees are determined and set based on each person's requests.  We want to help you make whatever your moment is, as memorable and affordable as possible.

​Typically, a simple civil marriage ceremony for up to 10 people within 25 miles of Meridian, ID is $125 plus $50 booking fee.  If there are no surprises, and the ceremony remains a simple civil rite with no glitches, the $50 booking fee will be refunded (this includes no significant delays, proper paperwork/identification, etc.).  This officiating fee includes the filing of the marriage license following the ceremony, with the appropriate Idaho County Recorders Office, and a Certificate of Marriage for the married couple.  Please know, that marriage is a special event and that an inability to meet the fee should  not dissuade you from contacting us - we will work with any couple to help them to make their marriage dream a reality.   Handfastings, elaborate ceremonies, or embellishments to the basic civil marriage ceremony are at an additional fee - contact us for more information and a quote.​​  The only stipulation to any wedding, handfasting, or joining ceremony is that language cannot include terms such as eternally, eternal, forever, for all time, etc.  Such terms have huge repercussions that go beyond this lifetime.

weddings                 handfastings              burials            memorials             dedications            house blessings      

blessings/rites for coming of age events:  starting school, new drivers, graduation,  going off to college/military, first job, retirement

blessings/rites for life events:  engagements, new baby/adoption, new business, new job/promotion, new car, travel

rites/rituals for sabbats/seasonal celebrations (Samhain, Yule, equinoxes, solstices, plantings, harvest, etc.)

retreats for small or large groups on any topic - directed for the group, meditative, or silent - spiritual, secular, corporate, motivational, team-building, etc.

Our staff has an ordained Minister and seasoned presenters that have experience from working with an individual to speaking in front of many thousands.  Our ordained interfaith Minister is available to help meet your spiritual needs, as well. Although it would not be possible to list every event we could assist you with, here a few examples:


Helping Make All of Your Events Special...

No request is too small,

no event is too large -

we are here to help make your occasion special and memorable -

all that you want it to be!

For those of you who have explored our other Services pages, this page will seem a bit different.  Because of the plethora of possibilities that Ceremonies, Rites, and Retreats can cover, it would be impossible to list every specific detail, price, and scenario.  Instead, general information will be provided with the hope that you will give us call to discuss your particular needs - allowing us to tailor our services to your individual requirements.

​Our staff has an extensive background in preparing and performing a wide range of ceremonies, rites, rituals, retreats, workshops, training seminars, and events.  We can help make your event special and memorable - whether for one person or a large group.