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CELLULAR MEMORY   -  What is It?  What Effects Can It Have?  How Can It Be Cleared?  

HEDRA NEWS      November 2016

by Maddie Loiacono


Maddie Loiacono © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 2020


Cellular memory - the body type, not the phone type - is a memory stored within the cells of your body brought about by a significant physical or emotional event.  This would be a trauma, or moment, so impactful that it permanently imprints itself into the very cellular level of your being.  Most often, the underlying reason this memory becomes imprinted is due to the "feeling" you have at that specific moment in time.  This memory, and its impact, can be one from this current lifetime, or one from a previous lifetime. 

So we go through time/space for whatever our reason, and during these experiences we can have moments of incredible physical or emotional trauma such as death, abuse, injury, curses or encounters that create our cellular memories.  A common misconception is that the "past stays in the past," when in fact, cellular memories stay with you - over and over through all time/space until they are cleared.  These memories  can manifest within your body in a variety of ways, causing you illness, addictions, relationship problems, behavioral difficulties or other hardships. 

So let's look at an example:  you were hung in a previous life and, at the time of your death, there was intense negative emotion connected with the death (not necessarily fear) that created a cellular memory.  This cellular memory could present in this lifetime as chronic sore throats, not being able to speak up for yourself, chronic neck pain - you get the idea.  You try one thing after another to get rid of the physical problem or the troublesome behavior but, nothing seems to work!  You know, within yourself, that no matter what you try to do to correct this issue that there is something deeper, something more, that needs to be done.  That is a moment of cellular awareness where your body is alerting you to your past traumatic events.  So what can you do to take care of this, and clear it, so that this memory no longer affects you?

There are a variety of energy modalities and therapies that can make you aware of your cellular memories. The method that I have found that works for the vast majority of people and, often, takes just one session to discover and completely clear a cellular memory is Crystal Dreaming™.  For Crystal Dreaming™ clients, profound, positive and immediate life changes are the normal outcome. 

So what is Crystal Dreaming™?  Crystal Dreaming™ is a shamanic journey experience where you enter an expanded state of consciousness by lying in a specific mandala of crystals.  Crystal Dreaming™ opens all channels to the spirit world and beyond, facilitating interdimensional travel while remaining fully conscious (bi-location) where meaningful, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing may occur. On this journey a trained, certified practitioner will assist you in realizing and clearing all blockages including: cellular memory, emotional obstacles, past or present life trauma, negative energy, entities and interference from any other source.  You do all the work - you clear the blockages yourself and few, if any, repeat sessions are required.  The wonderful thing about Crystal Dreaming™ is that it not only clears any traumas, but it can enable you to reconnect in full consciousness with your spiritual team or "guides". With them you may explore any aspect of reality, you may discover your life's purpose by integrating your Higher Self, or you may interact with other more evolved beings of light. You may meet with your Guardian Angel, spiritual teacher or the Ascended Master closest to your heart.  Crystal Dreaming™ can bring clarity of purpose to your life and frequently leads to a blissful reconnection with The Source of All.  It presents you with a golden opportunity to consciously align with your life plan or "blueprint" and live in a state of perfect harmony with the rest of creation. Generally, one session can achieve this for you. 

There are countless testimonials from people, who, after experiencing  Crystal Dreaming™, have said, "I've spent xx number of years on treatments (or therapy)," or "I've spent hundreds (or thousands) of dollars dealing with this problem and it was taken care of with just one journey!  If only I'd known!"  To be honest, if I hadn't experienced Crystal Dreaming™ for myself, and how incredible it is and how it leaves you feeling, I wouldn't have believed it.  But, I speak from personal experience.  Crystal Dreaming™ is truly amazing.  It was developed by Raym Richards following a powerfully life-altering encounter with crystals.  Raym tells all about this experience, the development of Crystal Dreaming™, and how the method works in his book Alchemy of Crystals.  I have been personally trained and certified by Raym Richards at the Basic and Advanced levels, which allows me to assist any person who wishes to take control of their life, their health, their destiny, and personal fulfillment.  It is a  process and an experience you will never forget - literally a "journey of a lifetime!"

I know a lot of you will be skeptical about what I have written here.  It's okay - I was a huge skeptic myself, in the beginning.  For those of you who are seekers, though - who strive to find answers no matter how "out there" they may seem - I encourage you to visit my website (www.gotahealing.com) or contact me with any questions or for more information about Crystal Dreaming™.  You can reach me via email at gotahealing@gmail.com or by phone at 208-807-2289.  I'd love to hear your story and help facilitate your journey to wellness through Crystal Dreaming™, or one of the many other services offered at Gifts of the Ages Healing.   We are located in Meridian/Greater Boise area.