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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or more commonly referred to as PTSD, is a real thing.  It is not something someone dreams up for attention, or because they don't want to deal with an issue.  PTSD is VERY real and affects more people than we imagine.  When we think of PTSD we immediately envision a soldier who was in combat and sustained injury or witnessed horrific circumstances.  While that does account for a portion of PTSD sufferers, it is not the only reason.  Anytime a person, male or female, suffers a significant trauma - with or without personal injury - that severely imprints and impacts their psyche - they can develop PTSD.  This trauma can be from a physical assault (sexual or otherwise), being involved in a natural disaster, being in a horrible accident no matter what the type, witnessing torture or trauma to another person, and of course, being involved in direct combat altercations.  There are many scenarios for people to suffer a significantly impactful trauma - too many to list here.  Although many people do get PTSD from trauma, not all people who suffer severe trauma develop PTSD.  Of the people who develop PTSD, not all of them will have it to a debilitating degree or for the remainder of their life.  PTSD is treatable for many and new therapies to help people suffering from PTSD are being brought forward. 

Too often those who develop PTSD keep it silent because of the stigma still attached to this condition.  They feel they should "just be able to deal with it and move on," or they feel an embarrassment at not being able to "do that by themselves."  Non-military, and non-Emergency Provider PTSD affects about 10% of all women and 4% of all men.  When you factor in the military and emergency provider PTSD into the picture, those numbers change greatly.  Military PTSD that is combat related ranges from 11-20% of all combat veterans.  Although that number is high, it is not as high as those who develop PTSD from Military Sexual Trauma, or MST.  The percentage of military who develop MST-based PTSD is staggering:  23% of all females in the military from sexual assault; 55% of women in the military from sexual harassment and 38% of military men from sexual harassment.

 The other group significantly impacted with PTSD are our Emergency Providers - EMS, Fire and Police.  It is estimated that the worldwide average of emergency providers who suffer some level of PTSD is at least 25% of all providers with it being as high as 67%!  These are the unsung heroes, male and female, who risk their own lives for our safety within our own communities.  They witness horrific acts of violence and trauma on a daily basis, and over time, most become desensitized to it.  There are those times, in the careers of many of our providers, when the circumstances are just so overwhelming that it sets the groundwork for PTSD.  I know - I was there myself a few times when I was a paramedic.

 When we suffer or witness a trauma, no matter the cause, so impactful to us that it imprints within our cellular memory, it is there until it is cleared.  It can physically manifest in your current lifetime - the one you personally experienced the trauma in.  Sometimes, however, it manifests in this lifetime from a past cellular memory not yet cleared and removed.  If it is not cleared in this lifetime, it will move forward with you to your next incarnation and can physically manifest is a variety of ways. Through the process of Crystal Dreaming™, cellular memory blockages and traumas are brought to the front, confronted, and cleared - permanently removed and dealt with.  It is a liberating and healing experience beyond measure. 

 To that end - as this is a concern very near and dear to my own heart - I would like to extend an invitation to any veteran, active military, former emergency provider (police, fire, EMS), or active emergency provider the opportunity to move forward - to clear their PTSD and find healing.  If you can provide proof of prior or current service (DD-214, VA card, military ID, EMS/Fire/Police ID, etc.) I will facilitate one full Crystal Dreaming™ session with you for no fee.  That's right - for free - but, there is a catch!  The catch:  you will need to make a donation - in whatever amount you choose - in lieu of the fee.  All monies that are collected, in donation, will be awarded 100% to The Gary Sinise Foundation which provides services to military/veterans and first responders (and their families).  If you want to experience healing and recovery, I urge you to please take me up on this offer.  If you want to know more about Crystal Dreaming™, how it works and what it can do - check out my website: for more detailed information and FAQ's.  The normal fee for one session (which lasts up to 2 hours) is $170.  Again - I will not charge you a fee for this session - instead you will make a donation in the amount of your choosing and all monies will benefit The Gary Sinise Foundation.  I look forward to hearing from you and being able to assist you in a healing experience...

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PTSD - There Is Hope for Those Who Suffer...                                         

by Maddie Loiacono