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AWAKENINGS - A Personal Story and Hope For All...                                                     by Maddie Loiacono

Hedra News    January 2017

     Like most people, I have been on an ever-changing, continually growing spiritual and life journey.  It has had many twists and turns along the way, but, it has never failed to bring me ever closer to the Source of All  - the Source of All unconditional love, purest light and clearest truth.  I have spent countless hours studying religions, spirituality, the human body, creation and the cosmos, and various energy healing methods (modalities).  I have journeyed as a daughter, sister, friend, lover, student, teacher, wife, mother and grandmother - sometimes on a direct course, but more often than not blindly and fumbling my way along seeking guidance from many.  I don't have all the answers, none of us do.  It would be arrogant of me to tell you otherwise.  But I have learned a great deal and mastered much during this journey, and if I have learned nothing else, it is that we must each pass on this knowledge to others to make their lives better, whenever possible. 
      So I was born and raised Catholic, and it was during my studies for lay ministry and obtaining my Masters in Pastoral Theology that I experienced my "awakening" to more than being a participant in formalized religion.  I then went through my Christo-pagan phase and re-connected with nature and the Universe in a most profound way.  I dabbled in "green witchery" at which point I realized that I would not find "peace" within any structured religion and "religiosity" was not for me.  So, I have settled into a spirituality that I cannot classify as it is vast and not able to be described in mere words.  It is an essence of being - being present and aware, being here with and for others, being in continuous connection with the Source of All - sometimes just being. 
     I have always been a healer and have always sought out ways to bring healing into my own life, as well as others.  This has meant being a paramedic, a short attempt as a respiratory technician, being a youth and children's minister, learning herbalism and many holistic modalities including Crystal Dreaming™, pranic healing, crystal therapy, energy work with chakras, reflexology, and so much more.  So after some painful life lessons, that both tested and strengthened my spirituality (we can chat at length over tea about this if you'd like), I have established myself as a full-time healer and teacher.  I truly feel it is my purpose, and gift, to help others not only experience their own "awakening," but to help bring about their wellness through the healing arts, spiritual growth, and teaching all that I can to as many as I can. 
     In all of my travels, studies, life journey, etc. I have come to finally accept one universal truth that is so simple it's really like a "smack my head" moment when you get it - it all comes down to unconditional love.  Period.  It's about having an awareness of when you are in the state of unconditional love and when you are out of that state - being aware of my connectedness to Source or not being aware.  That's it!  Simple, true and steadfast.  But boy did it take me forever to get to that realization and accept it.  However, now that it is the very center of my being it is also the center of my approach to all things in life.  Am I perfect at it?  Heck no - I'm human and fallible!  Do I try?  So very hard.  And that essentially is my approach and mission rolled up neatly into two simple words - unconditional love. 
      It is my hope that in all things I do, all interactions with all persons who enter "Gifts of the Ages Healing" that the underlying message and approach will be one of unconditional love.  Now don't get me wrong - I'm not a push over or doormat and I don't run around with my head in the clouds spouting foo-foo and showering glitter.  I am a business person and gifted healer/teacher with her feet firmly grounded on Mother Earth - but one who is always striving to bring that awareness of unconditional love to the forefront, and I hope it is my guiding light in all my actions.
      It is my fervent hope and goal that I can help raise the vibration and wellness of this planet through one person - one interaction - one "awakening" at a time. I love seeing the light bulb go off with the "ah ha" moment of awakening to what the Universe (or Source) wishes to share.  I hope to help every person open to and seeking wellness, growth, and a sense of contentment to awaken to the simple truth that took me so to long grasp - it's all about unconditional love.  I strive to help each person I serve awaken to that simple reality.  My life gains meaning and fulfillment when I am able to empower someone to "do the work" in healing themselves - it means so much more to both of us.
      I truly believe that we go through many lives and we carry forward the emotional trauma not dealt with.  We will continue carrying these specific traumas into future lives until they are resolved.  Once resolved they no longer hold any power over us - no power to cause any "dis-ease" of any type - spiritual, physical, or emotional.  The most profound way in resolving these traumas is through forgiveness - of self, asking for, and giving it freely to others.  I have learned  the ways to do this and want so much to help others, and give them the freedom and wellness to move on in our journeys realizing our fullest potential and thereby enhancing our Highest Self and the Divine highest good of all.
     It is my hope for each of you to have the opportunity to share in my knowledge and gifts so that, together, we can heal each other and, thereby, help heal our planet and all of humanity.  Lofty goals?  Yup - but so worthwhile - and so doable if we do it together.  I hope you will want to join me in my life's purpose and allow me to share my gifts and knowledge with you - here's to a continuing journey and enhanced wellness together!