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DOCTOR STRANGE Not So Strange, Really...                                               by Maddie Loiacono

Perhaps you've been one of the many millions who have recently seen the new Doctor Strange movie.  If you did, were you one of the people who watched in amazement and were excited with what they were watching - or - were you one of the people who sat scratching their head, totally lost, and saying "Boy, that was pure hogwash!"?  I guess it all depends on your own personal level of spiritual development.  If you are a person who has experienced an "awakening," then the whole concept probably wasn't too hard to grasp onto.  However, if you are a person who is among the vast majority of people who have not experienced an "awakening," then you were probably quite lost, confused, and possibly even dismayed at the concept behind the story. 

 The film actually did quite a fine job of showing the reality of our existence.  It began with The Ancient One asking a simple question of Dr. Strange, "What is real?"  It proceeded from there to perfectly capture the "no time-space, all time-space" aspect.  What? No time space-all time space??  What the heck...  Most people, even many who have awakened, see time in a linear fashion.  Time, in actuality, does not exist.  It is a construct of the human mind to help form an order and make some sort of sense out of everything for us.  As a matter of fact, all of the "stuff" around us that we try so hard to make sense of, and place in some sort of order, doesn't really exist, either.  That which we call "the real world" is not real at all. This was something The Ancient One totally understood and tried to "teach" to Dr. Strange. It, too, is all a construct of our human minds.  Our minds show us a chair, or a table, or a mountain because our senses give input to the brain and it then processes this information to give us the conditioned output of "this is a chair, or a table, or a mountain."  It is really just energy which vibrates at distinct and quite different vibrational levels from one another.  Our senses are actually inputting the vibrations and the human mind/brain converts it to information we can process and accept.  What the movie did was bust open that perception of reality and show energy for what it is - vibrations that we are each capable of sensing, tapping into (or harnessing), and utilizing (manipulating) for a specific purpose.  We 'believe" we can't possibly do what Dr. Strange did, so our conditioned, programmed mind follows suit.  When we "believe" we can create our own reality by controlling the sensory input and utilizing it to achieve a specific end result, the possibilities are limitless.

 Quantum physicists have recently stated that what we "perceive" to be the black, vast, emptiness of space is in actuality a highly complex neural-type of network.  It very much resembles the human neural network.  It may be easier to think of it along the lines of a spidery-web network.  When one "string" of the web is struck by whatever means (a new vibration in form of thought, physical object, etc.) it has a rippling effect amongst the entire web.  This is because the entire web is interconnected.  So it is with each of us, each object we perceive as a real object, and the entire "web" of the Multi-verse.  What we do, what we think, has a rippling effect on everything else around us.  Just as Dr. Strange found out with through Mordo - cause and effect, action and reaction, event or choice and consequence. 

Hedra News    March 2017