How long does a  Meditation Visualization session take?
When scheduling a Meditation Visualization session you will be asked to allow 30 minutes; sometimes you may need 45 minutes, if there is difficulty settling in.  You will be asked to stay up to 15 minutes following the session to "ground" yourself before driving or taking part in your everyday activities.  You are not charged for this time and refreshments are provided to you during this "recovery" time to help you get grounded once again following your session.  Not everyone needs this time - it depends on how sensitive you are to the changes in energy flows within your body.  It's just best to plan on the time in case you feel the need to "sit for a bit."

Do I ever lose consciousness during a  Meditation Visualization session ?
No.  During a session you are fully conscious and remain fully conscious - but often the client becomes very relaxed during the session. As your body's energy becomes more in balance often clients will feel energized or revitalized.

Do I need to change into any special clothing or disrobe for the session?
No.  You stay in whatever you wear to the session - it is suggested that you wear something very comfortable to you.

What can I expect to happen during my session?
A practitioner will discuss with you the reason for your session and work with you to develop a personalized plan utilizing techniques/ methods best suited to your circumstances.  A practitioner will assist you in the Meditation Visualization process, if needed.   There will be low lighting,  sometimes the light colors may change, some soft music may be playing, and possibly some aromatherapy (incense or oil), if agreed upon.  There is no physical contact.  

Can I bring someone with me?
You may bring an adult with you, if desired, but they will be charged for the session, also.  Generally, the session includes only the client and practitioner.  Children are not allowed in the session nor are they to be left waiting for you as they can become a distraction to the client.

Is there an age requirement? 
You must be 18 years of age in order to participate in a  mediation visualization session.  We do occasionally have children as clients and a parent/legal guardian is present with them during their entire session.  Any sessions involving children are on a case-by-case basis.  We ask that you not bring siblings to avoid distractions and to allow our undivided attention to the child participating in the session.   

Is the session confidential?
Absolutely.  That is why having someone else in the session room other than practitioner is on a case-by-case basis.  We place our highest priority on confidentiality for all of our clients participating in any of our offered therapies.

Can Meditation Visualization sessions be offered remotely?
YES! Meditation Visualization sessions can be done via Skype, video calls or voice calls, although Skype or video calls are preferred. These can be done via tablet, PC or phone - whichever works best for you.  It should be noted that in order to get the most from a Meditation Visualization  session it is preferred that we hold the session in person.  Details regarding this can be discussed when you call to set up an appointment.

How much does a Meditation Visualization session cost and is it covered by insurance?
One Meditation Visualization session is $45.00 for a 30-minute session.  Each additional 15 minutes is at a $15 rate.  A booking fee of $25.00 is due at time of scheduling via PayPal or other pre-approved method.  Remainder of payment is due at time of session.  If you must cancel your appointment, we request a minimum of 24 hours notice.  Last minute cancellations and no-shows will forfeit booking fee.  At this time, Meditation Visualization is not covered under medical insurance plans.  We do offer a variety of therapy packages at varied prices and payment plans.          See our                   page for more information.

DISCLAIMER:  Practitioners at Gifts of the Ages Healing do not diagnose illnesses or prescribe treatments.  All participation is at client's discretion and own risk. Seek medical advise for diagnosis and/or treatment for known illness and in any emergency situation.


Reduce Stress - Empower Your Mind

Meditation and visualization are methods that are used to help a person enhance consciousness, self-awareness, and to focus their mind. In meditation, the mind concentrates while the body relaxes; an effective situation in which to begin visualization.  When the mind is clear and the body is relaxed, you can engage the imagination to visualize images and ideas.  Imagery is one method of using the mind to influence the body.  Visualization is a holistic way of bringing positive energy into yourself integrating mind, body and spirit which assists in expanding and boosting your creative capacities.   You can use meditation visualization techniques to harness the energy of your imagination.   Meditation and visualization experi- ences  vary not only from person to person, but from session to session.  It is best to let go of pre-conceived expectations and surrender to your own inner wellness and wisdom.  Meditation and visualization have the power to teach, enlighten, and heal.  Meditation visualization tech-

niques, and imagery, have been proven to relieve pain, speed up the healing process and reduce stress, anxiety and other forms of tension. It is considered to be an extremely effective healing tool worldwide, overlooked for far too long by many practitioners of western medicine.

Visualization techniques work well for those who find it difficult to focus on a mantra or a particular topic. By practicing imagery meditation and visualization techniques, although it may not always cure a person, most of the problems people bring to the attention of their primary care physicians can be relieved considerably. Imagery is the most fundamental language we have, and share,  as everything we do is processed through the mind as an image.

Unfortunately, a great many of the images that come into our heads are far more harmful than helpful. Actually, the most common type of imagery we allow into our head is worry, and we visualize ourselves through the lens of negative thoughts. Worry is a total process of our imaginations and, if not nipped in the bud, can alter our physiology and make one more susceptible to illness, ranging from acne to heart disease, arthritis to headaches/migraines, and stomach/digestive disorders to urinary tract infections.

There are many university studies showing that visualization has remarkable physical health benefits, including boosting immunity, easing depression, relieving insomnia, decreasing stress, and alleviating headaches and chronic pain.  By seeing yourself healthy in your mind - or visualizing the image of a healthy body - it is enough for your body to understand it as reality and adjust to make it so. One method of meditation visualization is biofeedback and has been used for many years to assist cancer patients in recovery. 

Breathing is the integral component during all forms of meditation visualization.  You've probably heard someone say (or you have said) to a person experiencing stress, anxiety, tension, or an extreme emotion: "Just breathe!"  This is not just a saying but is a vital part to improving overall wellness. Various breathing techniques are used in all imagery and meditation visualization modalities.  These breathing techniques are designed to release brain chemicals that act as natural brain tranquilizers.  These natural brain tranquilizers have effects such as lowering blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety/stress levels, and boosting the immune system.

If you wish to practice visualization and meditation for health benefits, you should develop a daily regimen to strengthen the communication between mind and body.  Gifts of the Ages Healing practitioners can assist you in developing a regimen and helping you perfect your methods.achieved.

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FAQ's Regarding Meditation Visualization