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Kinda like Astrology - only with NUMBERS!!!

Numerology is based on the concept that the universe is a system and once broken down we are left with the basic elements, which is numbers. Everything in thew world is dependent on, can equate to and is based on numbers.  A numerologist takes the multiple numbers pertinent to a person and can break them down in meaning and information applicable to navigating this world—which we call “life.”  Once you have these numbers you can then use them to help better understand the world and your place in it.

Areas to discover include insights about your purpose and personality traits by working out things like your life path number, destiny number and soul number, among many others.

A numerology reading involves a lot of calculations. These calculations can go into many layers of depth with different numbers and combinations of numbers carrying various meanings. Even a basic reading based on your core numbers can be quite revealing. However, in the same manner that numbers are infinite, someone's numerology chart can continue to be read from many perspectives as an ongoing project, through different phases of our life, as we change and grow.

Getting a numerology reading is actually quite fun and very interesting.  Starting with your name and date of birth, you can get a basic numerology reading of your Life Path Number and Destiny Number, that will not only tell you about yourself, but, help to provide direction in your life.  More in-depth readings can include numbers relalting to your Birth Day Number, Soul Number, and Personality Number.   The most involved reading can also provide your Maturity Number, Karmic Lessons Number(s), Karmic Debt Number(s), as well as Pinnacles and Challenges.

How long does a Numerology session take?
Numerology isn't really a "session" as much as you request a "reading."  You are being charged for the calculations and time need to prepare the report you will receive - called a "reading."   The more components you desire included in your report/reading, the longer the time needed to prepare it.  You will need to provide certain information in order for the report to be generated for you.  Numerology doesn't have to be limited to just a person!  It can be helpful in using an address for a home to see what that location/address reveals.  You can also use numerology to get insights into your business - it's not just for you and your name. 

Do I need to be physically present for a Numerology reading ?

No.  A numerology reading can all be done via texting or email, although an in-person meet/greet is always welcome.  Once the fee is paid and the initial information is provided, via agreed upon method, then the report is generated.  You will be notified when it is ready and delivery arrangements can be made at that time.

What can I expect to from my reading?

practitioner will get required information from you.  You will be notified of when your report is ready.  The more information you request, the longer it takes to prepare your report.  If you wish to review the report in person (a true "reading"), an appointment time will be scheduled.  Again, the more information requested, the longer an appointment time may be required.  If not, then a delivery of your report will be arranged.  A remote delivery of the report (not in person) will not include any insights or interpretation, just the report.  

What is included in a reading or report? 

A reading is more personal as you will meet in person with the numerologist to ask questions, get an interpretation, etc. and this can be done after you have had time to read/digest the report.  A report is simply that - a report of the numbers and the findings.  A report can range from basic to a full in-depth package.  The Basic Report we provide includes your LIfe Path, Destiny, Soul and Personality numbers with findings.  The Full Report includes the Basic Report plus your Birth Day, Maturity, Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debt Numbers as well as Pinnacles and Challenges.  This is an extremely in-depth report. 

Is there an age requirement? 
There is no age requirement in order to receive a Numerology Report.  Parents having this information on their child can help them better understand and develop their relationship with their child.   A reading is not provided to anyone under 18 years of age, however, a parent can get a reading on their child(ren) and they do not need to be present - it's probably best if they are not if under 16 years or so.  The information can be a little involved and above comprehension for most children.

Is the session confidential?
Absolutely.   We place our highest priority on confidentiality for all of our clients participating in any of our offered modalities.

How much does a Numerology
report and reading cost?
The Basic Report is $35.00 and includes Life Path, Destiny, Soul and Personality findings.  The Full Report, including Birth Day, Maturity, Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debt Numbers and Pinnacles and Challenges, is $75.00 and is our most in-depth report offered.    A  deposit will be required to be paid before the report is generated (Basic $20.00 / Full $40.00).   If no reading appointment is scheduled, the balance must be paid before the report will be sent.  If a reading appointment is scheduled, the balance (including appointment fee) needs to be paid at time of appointment.           See our                    page to pay for any appointment/reading time.

Basic Report                                                                 Basic Report Deposit                                                                                                                

Full Report                                                                    Full Report Deposit


FAQ's Regarding Numerology

Put simply, numerology is a study of the significance of numbers in your life. Numerology lets you uncover information about you and your place in the world by using a universal language of numbers.

Where Astrology, simplistically put, uses celestial placements to uncover this information, numerology uses numbers.  It is similar in quite a few ways but uses a different method to get the information and insight; namely, numbers.