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DISCLAIMER:  Practitioners at Gifts of the Ages Healing do not diagnose illnesses or prescribe treatments.  All participation is at client's discretion and own risk. Seek medical advise for diagnosis and/or treatment for known illness and in any emergency situation.



                 "Gifts of the Ages Healing delivered                           everything they promised. Crystal Dreaming™ made me feel liberated and released all of my stress.  I figured out more about 'me' than I would've ever found out by myself - and in just one session!"

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All life and all matter within all of creation is made up of energy and exists at some level of vibration.  Some of these energies however, can not be seen by the human eye (etheric), only felt and manipulated.  Energy modalities that assist with increased wellness and holistic bodywork are known as SUBTLE ENERGY.  This subtle energy works to align the complex, unique and multi-dimensional nature of human beings in relation to all other creation - to harmonize us with the vibrations of nature.  Energy modalities are the means used to balance and enhance the multi-faceted interconnections between the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies (body, mind, spirit).  Ancient disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aryuvedic Medicine, qi gong, acupuncture/acupressure, yoga, crystals and meditation work with subtle energy systems within and around the physical body, and act as conduits through which our spirit connects both our physical and emotional bodies to the earth.

Creating harmonious energy fields provides alignment, personal empowerment, and renewed and increased energy or life force (chi or qi).  When we hold energetic integrity (wellness), we are able to create and manifest, more easily, what we desire in our lives.  When any of our physical, emotional or spiritual bodies are out of alignment due to influencing circumstances, we lack the necessary vitality for life and can become physically ill, depressed, stressed and have difficultly creating a holistically harmonious life - we begin to exist in a state of "dis-ease."  Some of these circumstances may include emotional trauma, physical injury, unresolved memories, environmental or food toxins, addictions, poor relationships or living an ungrounded-unaware life,

Both conscious and unconscious thoughts, fears, personal history, grievances, intentions, and belief systems, become imprinted into our subtle energy systems as well as our physical body. This impacts how we feel and go about expressing ourselves in the world.  During personal sessions, energy modalities such as Crystal Dreaming™, chakra/crystal work,  pranic healing,  herbal consultation, reflexology, or meditation are presented to you, the client, and applied to make you aware of your own innate ability to  improve your wellness through healing and integrating body, mind and spirit.                                 All of these modalities, are gifts that have been handed down to practitioners throughout the ages.


We have a modality that can make a difference....

OUR practitioners work closely with you to assist in attaining lasting wellness

Our professional staff includes an interfaith minister with a Masters in Pastoral Theology, certified Crystal Dreaming™ Advanced practitioner experienced in facilitating shamanic journeys, certified crystal healers, certified pranic healing practitioner, experienced reflexologist and herbalist, along with numerous hours of practical meditation and visualization experience.

Crystal Energy Healing

Phoenix W.

Can you relate to any of the following...


​​experienced, compassionate care

                 "Crystal Dreaming™ is like nothing I have                  ever experienced before!  I felt free and comfortable to express my deepest feelings.  At the end I had this overwhelming sense of ease of where I am going...a sure, positive feeling of my direction. With Maddie's guidance so many things were clarified for me that I have been questioning for so long.  With her assistance the clarity of who I truly am has blossomed.  I am constantly in tune with the energies around me - truly cleansed and blessed!"

Lia P.



​and what exactly is energy healing??

* chronic pain, chronic illness      * overwhelmed by stress, PTSD        * lost your passion and zest for life 

           * fatigued, no "get up and go..."                       * feel like your life is hidden in the shadows            

* can't shake that cloud that seems to be hovering overhead                        * anxious, tense, fearful        
           * feel unfulfilled in relationships                  * feel lost or unsure about how to go forward
                                        * "my life sucks and there's gotta be something more..."